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With the summer fast approaching it’s a perfect time to refresh your space with some vibrant hues. These early days are often some of the best, with the cool breeze at night and touch the 30℃’s. Is there any better way to welcome a new season than a spring clean, a fresh lick of paint and some interior refreshments?

One of the most simple and cost-effective ways to give your room a new look is to tweak the colour scheme. We have gone across the board asking multiple interior designers in UAE what is the most trending and prettiest colours for this spring 2023.

1- Blush pink

Blush has been an ever-growing popular colour and has been on the rise for the last 2-3 years. We noticed this growing trend early on and so incorporated our range to match. Of course, blush is an ideal colour all year round however when this is teamed with white it is ideal for the oncoming summer sun. It really is the ideal colour to add a hint of warmth to a space without going over the top.

2- Camel

Ever growing in almost every industry is the neutral, taupe, nude, camel palette. A lot of the time a dark brown or overall the brown family can be seen as an offer putting colour and almost too bold. So with our End of Line collection, we have handpicked a selection of suede, herringboned and embroidered camel fabrics.

3- Bright Blue

Blue is an excellent accent colour, can be paired with almost all dark and light tones to add vibrance and a happy ambience to the room. From cobalt, teal, navy to peacock, our Signature range has a full collection dedicated to this uplifting colour. This is a classic timeless colour that really never goes out of fashion, so what can go wrong?

4- Yellow

Yellow just might be the cheeriest colour of them all and what better time to celebrate it? You may think this is a bold colour, but when a few touches are added this is going to undoubtedly cheer you up when the summer sun really takes it force. Visit our showroom to see a pair of yellow curtains and you may just change your mind!

5- Coral

This vibrant colour is energising and a statement piece. It can be used in almost any room to add a pop and bring real life. Coral was rated the Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2019 so why not introduce this colour in your home with a pair of curtains or roman blinds?

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