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Honey-Comb Blinds for Flexible Window Styling

Honeycomb blinds for our signature collection are unique in their design and functionality as they ensure privacy & provide absolute light control. Also, we all know about the blistering Summer heat of UAE therefore our Honeycomb blinds are crafted to ensure insulation for your living space, keeping the heat out by trapping layers of air in the cellular traps and acting as a shield to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Apart from being highly practical, our signature range of Honeycomb blinds also offer aesthetic fineness which adds style and sophistication to your home.



Maximum drop: for widths <600mm = 1800mm

Maximum drop: for widths >600mm = 2000mm

Minimum Width: 130mm

Maximum Width: 1200mm


Maximum size: 1500mm wide x 2500mm drop

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