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1- Value for money in the long run

It is no secret that made-to-measure curtains are more expensive than off the shelf curtains. However when purchasing Blindtex you are getting a measurement service, advice in-store from our interior designer, advise in your home from our installation team and expert craftsmanship from our tailors as they manufacture every curtain with the utmost precision and care. 

We know too well that the UK has a fast-paced lifestyle and your home, for now, may not be your home forever and a lot of ex-pats are renting which means they don’t want to splurge. However, we offer a collection, alteration and re-installation service which means we can alter your curtains to the measurements of your new home.

2- Unique curtain headers

At Blindtex we offer various headers – pencil pleat, double pinch pleat, triple pinch pleat, eyelets and wave. These various curtain headers are not common with ready ready-made curtains as they are complex to manufacture. 

A tailored curtain header can make a huge difference to an interior as it shows the level of thought and detail that has gone into the whole decor of a room.

3- Adding a personal touch

Do you prefer a sleek modern look, shabby chic, or prefer to keep it traditional? A lot of this can be defined in the fabric you choose and how you dress your curtain. 

You may be located in a new apartment building and would prefer a more modern look would combine a wave header, this is a more relaxed look. This could be tailored to have an additional 3-4 cm of extra fabric sitting on the floor to create a more slumber feel with a light fabric. 

You may have a villa that may be more suited to a traditional look. This includes heavier fabrics, more often carrying a bold design and tailored in a pinch pleat fashion creating a full plush curtain look.

4- Accessories

Whether your style includes curtain tiebacks or not, they often add a tailored look to a curtain. All of our tiebacks are made with the same fabric and are made to suit the width so they do not look too big nor too small. 

Poles, do you prefer metal or wooden? A variety of colours and finials are available that will be manufactured to the exact width of your window. 

Nothing finishes a room more than cushions. Adding cushions to your room in the same fabric as your curtains ties the whole look together and gives in that ‘interior designer’ feel.  

Have you considered a curtain pelmet? These are best paired with made-to-measure curtains and really define a window along with blocking out additional light which makes them ideal for bedrooms. 

5- Functionality

Do you want curtains to keep the room dark? Keep the room cool during the summer? Or is your main concern privacy? Various types of linings and fabrics can work with your lifestyle. Although they can be found with ready-made curtains, its not always available in the fabric you like or in the style you prefer. Made-to-measure curtains give you the freedom and flexibility to choose what is right for your home.

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