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We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Floors & Walls – A Leading Home Décor Brand in Jordan!

Blindtex has partnered with Floors & Walls to enhance its market reach in Jordan

Our team would like to unveil a mutually valuable association with Floors & Walls we’ve been working on for a while thereby extending an opportunity to Jordan to shop for Blindtex’s most celebrated window styling options with more accessibility.
Being one of the leading window styling brands in the UAE, we thought it was about time to give other parts of the Middle East a chance to experience & discover the quality, style and variety Blindtex has got to offer. All we required to make this happen was an ideal partner who shared the same brand value and passion for home décor.

When there is a will there is a way!

We found Floors and Walls a brand heavily influenced by interior designing and has made its mark by being a leader in products like wallpaper and floorings with three showrooms in Jordan.
Currently we’re in the process of structuring this partnership with proper brand building, product-line customization to Jordan and we believe with the proper product training this project is going to go places.
Watching this venture thrive over the past couple of weeks has left us feeling elated like we always do after a successful expansion, therefore without any further delay; we would like to welcome Floors and Walls to the Blindtex Family to spread the love of window styling.


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